Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Last days in Nambour Hospital

What a ride it has been!

My past two years in Nambour have been nothing but spectacular, fun and adventure-filled. There were stressful times as well, occasions where i have made mistakes and felt terribly sorry, or got scolded by bosses or nurses. But all in all, I have had such a great time and I am bringing so much precious memories with me.

I have just finished two and a half months of night shifts. Night shifts are scary. You are the only person representing Department of Surgery and you have to be able to deal with all kinds of emergency in the hospital. Bleeding, perforation, obstruction, peritonitis, trauma were some of the common emergency we have to deal with.  I was feeling really anxious prior to starting my night shifts, worried that i might kill someone or not be able to save someone due to my incompetency.

I am glad to say I have done neither. Some of the really interesting moments were dealing with massive upper GI bleed post Whipple with Dr Aseervatham and Priscilla, massive lower GI bleeding from radiation proctitis with Thushara, a couple of open splenectomy with Dr Grieve and Dr Aseervatham, laparoscopic assisted small bowel resection for closed-loop SBO with Scott, a laparotomy and adhesiolysis with Dr Donovan, and a perforated diverticulitis with Priscilla and Peter. Every surgeon has a unique way of operating and i have learned so much from all of them. Dr Aseervatham is very particular about techniques, and always tells me to learn how to operate with both hands to the point where i forget which hand is dominant. One night, he had to come in to do laparotomy for upper GI bleed post Whipple. We started at around 10pm and finished at 2.30am. This was followed by a Hartmann procedure for a 120kg man with LBO. We started at 3.30am and ended up finishing at 6am. He had been up for 24 hours, spending his last 8 hours performing really stressful operations. Yet he never complained. He remained very calm and composed. I am so touched by his dedication and perseverance, and i hope i could emulate him when i am a practising surgeon.

I also really like Dr Donovan's minimalist approach to operating: where he does only the absolute necessary during operations, things that truly matter to patient's care. He doesn't waste time doing unnecessary manoeuvre, and he has a great sense of judgment in knowing when to and what to do when dealing with complex situations. I just wished i have done more emergency shifts with him.

Not to forget all the smaller operations I have done with the registrars. I have done about 15 laparoscopic appendicectomy with Anna, Kim, Katherine and Peter. All of them have taught me important lessons in doing a safe operation. I feel i am ready to do one on my own now.

I am going to miss all the residents i have worked with. Harrison, Bryan, Stephanie, Madeline, Isabel, Sean, Edwin, Fiona, Dave, Tahira, Chris, Karina, Ali, Stuart, Sam, Claire. All of them are awesome residents and are much better than me when i was one.

All the nurses in 1B and 1C - I can't finish naming all of you. Helen, Leanne, Jen, Ae-ran, Sheree, Roshni, Maggi,  Sarah, Nicole, Abby, Trilby, Kate, Jade, Maria, Jacki, Jenny, Raj, Bronwyn, Sharna,  Bec, Coralie, Deidra, Cadie, Trevor. You guys are amazing.

The specialist CNC - the beautiful Lauren, Erin and Caroline, you ladies are doing such a great job.

All the other doctors from other specialty. Lisa, Vinesh, Neil, Julia, Anjanee from Medicine. Graham, Karin, Nicola, Ben, Paul, Lauren, Courtney from ED (thanks for your non-stop referral during nights!). Mark from Ortho. Paul, Jonathan, Troy, Madeline, Glenna, Dan from Radiology. Chris and Andrew from Ultrasound.

Too many people to name. Thank you all of you!

Now I am off to Caboolture to begin the next chapter as a SET 2! See you again!

Running with Dr Donovan
All the awesome registrars - Manilka, Linda, Scott, Kimbeley, me and Peter
Anna, me, Peter and Manilka
Thushara (red) - the most friendly consultant who has helped me tremendously in my career
Dr Grieve - the person behind all the research projects in department of surgery in Nambour Hospital. I did both the colonoscopy and lap trainer research with him.
Operating with Dr Aseervatham - my mentor. What an honour.
The hallway to work

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